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DYLAN, late 30s, struggling singer/song-writer, practices with his bandmates, KEVIN percussion, TOMMY bass, NICK keyboard (Dylan’s brother), and MOLLY guitar (Dylan’s incredibly talented 17 yr-old daughter—this gal’s going places). 











Dylan rushes off to pick up his kids, SADIE, 8 yrs-old, ZACK and ZEKE, young teens, after being reminded by his ever-patient wife, KARA, who has sacrificed everything to support Dylan’s dream. She also reminds Dylan not to forget the shopping list she’s given him. He promises not to.  Dylan sings HATS about all the responsibilities he carries. 


Later that night, after a rousing performance at a local Knoxville club, including Molly’s amazing rendition of GOOD THINGS, Dylan and the band are approached by JENNA, a high-powered record company exec. They sign a record deal and the band celebrates, believing they’ve finally made it to the big time.


Though unsure, Kara agrees that it’s time to make the move to Nashville to take their shot at Dylan’s dream. Dylan sings MATTER TO SOMEONE  about his desires to inspire the world with his songs. Kara sings, KARA’S BURDEN about her frustrations and fears. Nick breaks the news that he’s not going to move because the sacrifice isn’t worth it for him and his family.  Nick offers Dylan a job in his construction business, but Dylan can’t bring himself to give up on the dream when they are so close. 





With the pressure of his parents’ unrealized country music dreams on his shoulders and the expectations of Kara and his kids on his mind, Dylan uproots his family and naively transplants them into the heart of country music...Nashville, Tennessee.  


Desiring the same attention from her dad that Molly receives, Sadie sings MY DADDY’S EYES.





The kids start new schools, Dylan and the band start working on the new album, and the family meet their new church congregation shepherded by PASTOR JOHN and his wife DELLA. They fit in and feel like things may really be working out. Kara starts her new job as the primary breadwinner. She’s supervised in her nursing duties by CHRISTINE, a gorgeous party girl who expresses more than passing interest in Dylan.  


Meanwhile, at a famous and historic Nashville hotel, The Wilson, the owner, STEPHEN, sings JUST ONE ROOM as he faces the reality that business isn’t what it used to be, and that the grand old building is falling apart. He’s going to have to make some hard decisions and soon.


With Christmas rapidly approaching, Dylan and Molly shop for a Christmas tree. Dylan hums the tune for a Christmas song he’s working on.  Molly likes it and Dylan thinks it might be something good. Their thoughts about the song are interrupted when they see a famous country music icon and his beautiful actress wife. But they leave the couple alone to enjoy their outing without being hassled by fans.  The morning before Christmas, the family is thrilled by a rare snowfall. They have an impromptu football game in the snow and sing QUITTER about not giving up when life is hard.














On Christmas Eve, as the family settles in to watch It’s a Wonderful Life, Dylan and Kara agree that things have worked out pretty well.  But, of course, that’s when life’s tests come and for Dylan and his family, the test is a terrible phone call—while sledding with her friends, Molly, has been killed in a tragic accident.  


After the funeral, the grim emotions at the family’s home tells us things will never be the same. Dylan crumples up the notes for the Christmas song he and Molly talked about and throws them away. 


In the midst of the gloom and despair, a bright presence cuts through the darkness, Molly, now an angel, appears in the home unseen by her grieving family. It’s clear she’s figuring out her new life and will be influencing the life of her family as they struggle. She sings THIS NEW LIFE and is joined by Kara and the kids.





The Holidays are approaching but there is no joy in Dylan’s life. Molly’s death has destroyed him. He’s ignored the recording contract. He’s quit playing and writing. He’s quit going to church. He’s withdrawn from his family. Dylan sings WHY DOES CHRISTMAS reflecting the pain he feels missing Molly. Kara is doing all she can to keep the family ship sailing forward but it’s too much. Sadie, Zack, and Zeke are struggling in school. It’s rock bottom—almost. 


Over Thanksgiving, Dylan, Kara and the kids go home to Knoxville. While back at his parents’ home, Dylan is reminded of his dad’s dreams of music stardom and how far away it all seems now. Kara, while making a run to the grocery store, runs into her old boss who offers her a better job back in Nashville. Kara says she’ll think about it.






At school, Sadie becomes friends with MARY, a new student who is shy, self-conscious, and dressed in shabby clothes. Sadie shows belief in her potential and Mary sings CLIMB.        














At church, Sadie is invited by Pastor John to write a poem for the upcoming Christmas service. She readily accepts. 

Noticing Kara's sadness, Pastor John visits their home and tries to get Dylan to come back to church. Dylan refuses expressing his anger at God for Molly’s death and tells the Pastor he’s done with God and church. Dylan and Kara have a fight about where things stand and how dire their situation is. Dylan and Kara sing GRACE together but there's no hiding Dylan and Kara’s relationship is faltering.


After a painful reality check, Dylan drives off angry leaving a frustrated and helpless Kara. 














At the Wilson, the city inspector has delivered the final blow and Steven

realizes he’ll have to close the hotel right after Christmas. 


But, from heaven, Molly has seen her parents’ struggles and begins to

quietly intervene. 


On this fateful night, Steven bumps into Dylan at the gas station. When Steven complains about terrible Christmas music, Dylan responds. Steven soon learns Dylan is a musician and he offers Dylan a job providing live music at the bar/restaurant at the Wilson. Surprisingly, Dylan agrees. As he drives off, Molly is sitting in the back of his pick-up truck. 


Missing Molly, Sadie, Zack, and Zeke end up in Molly’s bedroom. They talk about how much they miss her and how hard things are now. After her brothers leave, Sadie picks up Molly’s guitar and strums a few chords. Behind the guitar, Sadie sees a crumple piece of paper. Unfolding it, she discovers Dylan’s discarded notes to the Christmas song—The Best Thing About Christmas. She plays the chords and smiles at this wonderful tune. 






While walking together as a family through downtown Nashville, Sadie begins singing Dylan’s unfinished Christmas tune she discovered earlier. Dylan lashes out and tells Sadie to never sing that song again. Kara calls him on it but before they can resolve the situation, they are approached by a homeless man, CHRISTOPHER, who asks for some change for himself and his daughter. When Sadie looks up, she sees his daughter is Mary! Dylan, Kara, and Sadie sing THAT COULD BE ME reflecting their fears that if the dream doesn’t appear, what will happen to them?





Later, Kara discovers Sadie going through Molly’s old clothes. While initially angry, Kara softens when Sadie tells her that she’s looking for clothes for Mary. Kara realizes Sadie is right and it is what Molly would’ve wanted. 


When an angry Dylan shows up at home and yells at Sadie for playing Molly’s guitar and singing his discarded Christmas song, Kara reaches the end of her rope. She calls her old boss and takes the job in Knoxville. She explains to the kids that they’ll figure out whether they are all going back to Knoxville after they get through Christmas. When she leaves, she tells Dylan he’s got to get things figured out.  


After forgetting to take Sadie to the final rehearsal for the Christmas service, Sadie confronts Dylan and tells him that he’d never have forgotten a practice for Molly. Frustrated, alone, and at odds with his band, Dylan performs at The Wilson. That night, Kara’s supervisor, Christine, shows up. A little drunk, she comes on to Dylan. Angry and feeling abandoned, Dylan responds. Christine suggests they go someplace private but when Dylan goes to pay his tab, Kara’s shopping list falls out of his wallet. The shopping list reminds Dylan of everything he’s about to lose. He runs out into the parking lot carrying his guitar case chased by Christine. Dylan yells that he’s not going to do anything with her and, in frustration, he’s smashes his guitar. Christine leaves the emotional Dylan. He wanders the streets of Nashville and arrives at the church where he collapses at the foot of the tall cross in front of the building. Dylan breaks down—now he’s at rock bottom. 






After a heart-to-heart conversation with Pastor John, Dylan understands what he needs to do. First, he needs to do whatever it takes to support Kara. As he walks back to his car, Dylan sings, ALL THE PROOF indicating his change of heart.



He calls Nick and takes him up on his job offer. Dylan makes it back to his house and goes into Molly’s room for the first time. There he looks up Molly’s YouTube feed on his phone and plays some of her songs. One song, THE CHRISTMAS WE GAVE gives Dylan an outlandish, crazy idea. But it’s an idea that will require the help of everyone he’s let down. Dylan humbles himself and begs his band, Jenna, and Pastor John to meet him at The Wilson.   














After gathering his kids and apologizing to them, they head down to The Wilson. At the hotel, Dylan gathers everyone, including Steven. He apologizes again and then reveals his big idea—to hold the church’s Christmas service at The Wilson and invite all of Nashville to bring donations of food, clothing, blankets, and cash to help turn The Wilson into a resource center for the homeless. Everyone agrees it’s so crazy it just might work. They all pitch in and overnight, they are ready for Christmas Eve.  But just as they start the show, the power goes out! Just when it seems the plan is doomed, Christopher steps forward to help. Turns out he was an electrician before he lost his job and ended up on the streets. In a few short minutes, the show kicks off. 


When Kara comes back in town for Christmas, she finds no one at home; no one at the church. She’s very suspicious when Dylan calls her and asks her to come to The Wilson. Hesitantly, she does, arriving just as the show begins. From the stage, Dylan sees her, invites her up. He tells her about his new job with Nick and apologizes to her in front of all of Nashville. 















The heart-warming show builds to Sadie’s big number. She hesitates, but then feels Molly’s presence and has the courage to go on. But not before she invites her dad to come sing his unfinished song with her, THE BEST THING ABOUT CHRISTMAS. The finale inspires the whole city.







Dylan and Molly walk through the Christmas tree lot, looking for just the right tree.  They bump into a couple and turn to discover a famous country music star and his wife looking for a tree as well. The country star recognizes Dylan from last year’s Christmas show and remembers the song Dylan and Sadie sang together. Dylan invites them to this year’s show.


CREDITS ROLL over the show on Christmas Eve as the famous country star gets up on stage with Dylan and Sadie and joins them singing The Best Thing About Christmas. 

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